Athlete Career Placement joins the National Association of Colleges and Employers

Commitment as a member organization enhances career readiness resources

Athlete Career Placement deepens its commitment to developing resources to support current and former college athletes by joining over 14,000 college career services professionals, university relations and recruiting professionals. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) is the leading source of information on the employment of the college educated.

Athlete Career Placement prepares current and former college athletes to use the skills they have learned from a lifetime of sports to compete and win in the job market. They work closely with the job seeker to help them identify their transferable skills, matching them with industries in which they will be poised to succeed. Connections with college career professionals, university relations and recruiting professionals expands the access to resources and tools available. Enhancing their corporate mission of helping talented athletes set out on a path to success with companies attracted to hiring driven candidates.

“Supporting a population that has spent their lives dedicated to their craft, we know the importance of using every resource available to stay ahead of the competition,” says Larry Silver, founder. “It is crucial to stay up to date on forecast, hiring trends, best practices and benchmarks to ensure winning outcomes for both our talent bench and employer partners.”

As a member of NACE, Athlete Career Placement is poised to use the latest industry data, publications and surveys to confidently navigate the current landscape for both its candidates and clients. Using NACE research is another powerful tool to stay on top of trends.

Athlete Career Placement continues to strengthen itself as an extension of college athletic career development offices. With many student-athletes lagging behind their non-athlete peers in regard to career readiness, the additional support is welcomed. The support also goes beyond graduation, where many college athletes seek guidance and support for years beyond eligibility and where many athletic academic offices don’t have the resources to continue the support the way they would like.

About Us

Athlete Career Placement ( is a corporate recruiting firm that places degree-holding college athletes with top national employers, coaching them through their transition into a career in business. Leveraging old-fashioned relationship-building, personalized coaching and AI-driven technology, ACP matches the best candidate for every open role, ensuring total alignment with the organization’s needs, goals and culture.