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Athlete Career Placement

Athlete Career Placement recruits degree-holding collegiate athletes for corporate jobs.

Looking to open the door to a lasting career?

ACP is your personal trainer for your transition from the starting lineup to the working world.

If you were a college student athlete and now looking for a full-time opportunity, talk to Athlete Career Placement.

Compete To Win

We help you use the skills you’ve honed in the sports arena to excel in the corporate arena.
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Are you looking for elite candidates who are disciplined, coachable and have a winning mindset?

Athlete Career Placement recruits career-minded, degreed college athletes for businesses building winning teams. Find your next A-player today.


What ACP’s Raving Fans Are Saying

Jason Peay, CEO, Versa Tech

In my personal experience, I have seen athletes have the best disposition. In sales, marketing or operational roles, it doesn’t matter. I love hiring athletes.

Mark Sadowski, Director of College Scouting, Chicago Bears

Having an agency that specializes in placing athletes in today’s workforce is important. Athlete Career Placement is run by great people and they genuinely care about providing former athletes with outstanding job opportunities.

Dr. Kristen Migliano, Ph.D. , Former Director of Athletics, Lynn University

Through sports participation, college graduates hone specific soft skills, which are also identified as some of the most commonly desired soft skills by today’s employers. It is these soft skills that make the college athlete graduate a prepared employee, ready to add value to the workplace. Athlete Career Placement closes that gap on soft skills […]

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