Athlete Career Placement celebrates another year connecting former college athletes and the corporate world

The meaning behind the anniversary date speaks to the athlete psyche

When you talk about success in the corporate world and the athletic world there are a lot of similarities. It’s just not a nine-to-five mentality. Athlete Career Placement intentionally chose to launch on July 24th (7/24) because the journey of a college athlete is 24/7. The mental and physical might that goes into high functioning and determined athletes is ingrained in the fabric of their very being.

Athlete Career Placement President, Jason Snider, knows this all too well. As a former player, coach, administrator, and director, he understands first hand the sacrifices and routine it takes to compete at the highest level. Snider uses his experience as former Captain of the Navy Football team and Director of Football Operations at Georgia Tech to guide and mentor the next generation of talent as they transition from the locker room top the conference room.

“Once a college athlete always a college athlete,” says Snider, “they’ve spent a lifetime honing their soft skills and while it can’t always be measured on a resume, it will be reflected in their professional body of work.”

College Athletes need to balance training and competition with studies and schoolwork to be successful. They have to optimize their diet, exercise and sleep habits to perform at peak levels. The same devotion and commitment carries well past their days of participating in athletics. Many employers already value the “intangibles” that former college athletes bring to the table, coachability, work ethic, accountability and dedication to name a few. Where they don’t inherently focus on, is the disciplined life they live when they are “off the clock,” and how that translates to success in business.

For Athlete Career Placement, It’s not another anniversary, it’s a celebration and a testament to the talent they represent and the employers looking for a competitive advantage.

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