The Whistle

It’s that exciting time of year again, thousands of College Athletes graduate and pursue a meaningful career!

Membership into this group cannot be bought, only earned through the understanding of accountability and display of commitment. College Athletes spend a lifetime training and steadfastly devoted to a sport. And as a result, develop skills seldom reflected on a resume.

Good news, your heart can’t be measured on a resume. And the skills you have acquired as a College Athlete will be reflected in your professional body of work.

Now it’s your time to shine. Enter the career field with a vengeance. Apply the skills you have spent a lifetime honing. Accept challenges and never doubt yourself. Carry yourself accordingly. Once a College Athlete always a College Athlete!

The whistle is anything but final – it’s just the beginning.

Congratulations 2022 Graduating College Athletes, I salute your achievements!

Onward always,

Coach Snider