P.E.A.K. performers control what they can control

There are so many things outside of your direct control in sports and business. In sports, there is the weather, playing conditions, spectators, playing time, judges scoring, referee call, injuries, teammates to name a few. Likewise, in business, there are economic conditions, business partners, co-workers, technology mishaps and more. You take your head out of the game when you focus on the uncontrollable. You elicit negativity and are no longer in the present. This will cause your performance to decline both on and off the field.


Top performers in both understand that they need to control what they can control and let the rest take care of itself. They are P.E.A.K. performers!



Your level of training, your diet, your attention to mental skills, your game plan or competitive strategy, your technique, your competition warm-up, your pre-game routine, etc. When you prepare meticulously, you feel more confident and in control.


Your training intensity, your competition intensity and your attention to technique refinement. Hard work often separates the good from the great.


Your mindset towards competition, your perspective towards adversity, the content of your thoughts, your approach to training and an arduous season, your response to mistakes and your response to bad officiating. Your attitude is everything when it comes to competing.

Keep Focus:

What you choose to pay attention to. If you can focus on the positive and immerse yourself in the moment, you will give yourself a big advantage over your competition.

Focusing on the controllables will help you keep your head in the game, emotions in check and performing at your peak.