Athlete Career Placement Launch Gives Collegiate Athletes & Employers a Way to “Win the Day” in Corporate America

A newly-launched company bridges the gap between degree-holding athletes and a network of business professionals who want to hire them.

Ellicott City, Maryland – October 26, 2020 – Launched in late July to take talent “From the Locker Room To the Conference Room” Athlete Career Placement (ACP) arrives to simplify the post-grad job search experience. Using their skill and practical knowledge, the ACP team recruits competitive-minded student-athletes for businesses nationwide. Working closely with

job candidates, the team first helps degree-holding graduates hone their resumes, learn the most advantageous interview maneuvers, and identify transferable skills. Highlighting soft skills like teamwork, coach-ability, drive, and critical thinking acumen, ACP then places college athletes within the orbit of a network of employers for the perfect win/win. One could say, Athlete Career Placement has most definitely come to play.

Knowing of what they speak, ACP was established by a team of former recruiters, athletes, and university career coaches. The Founding Partners Larry Silver, Jason Snider and Jeff Martin collectively have over 60 years of professional recruiting experience. Snider, President of ACP, said, “Both coaches and employers know that student-athletes have a thorough understanding of accountability, discipline, and hard work. This trio of character building traits or ‘intangible skills’ are the keys that take anyone to the next level to build a lifetime of wins in corporate America. That’s why ACP only presents candidates who are in total alignment with the potential employer’s vision. Using an AI-driven approach tailored to your company’s specific needs, we want to meet and exceed expectations. Our candidates are positioned to add value right out of the gate.”

As a predominant member of the Athlete Career Placement team, Snider uses the ample experience he gained as a director, administrator, player and coach for distinguished institutes such as the United States Naval Academy and Georgia Institute of Technology. He is a Naval Academy graduate and former captain of the Navy football team. He has also served as the Director of Football Operations at Georgia Tech.

ACP focuses on the industries nationwide in finance, mortgage banking, sales, management, information technology, and human resources. Jason Peay, the CEO of Versa Tech, said of the student-athlete recruiting company, “In my personal experience, athletes have the best disposition. In sales, marketing, or operational roles, it doesnt matter. I love hiring athletes.”

ACP has also received rave reviews from coaches nationwide. Tony Sales, Duke University’s Assistant Director of Athletics/Student-Athlete External Affairs, said, “Student-athletes have a unique set of transferable skills that cannot be learned in the classroom. Organizations that hire athletes, because they understand the skills/abilities that student-athletes bring to the table, have been pleased with the outcome. Athletes also greatly appreciate having professional opportunities after they have completed their sports careers.”

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About Athlete Career Placement:

Athlete Career Placement is a corporate recruiting firm that places degree-holding college athletes with top national employers, coaching them through their transition into a business career.


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