Why Your Next Hire Should be a Former Student Athlete

Finding qualified candidates is a major challenge for HR managers. Beyond education and hard skills, it’s important to consider soft skills and traits that can’t be learned in a classroom. Former student athletes bring many of these skills to the table: hard work, discipline, teamwork and a continual drive to improve performance.

They Aren’t Afraid of Hard Work

Athletes know the meaning of hard work, and they aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. To succeed on the field, you must give it your all physically and mentally. From training to practice and the big game, athletes are dedicated and always ready to put in the work needed to achieve a common goal: victory.

In the workplace, victory can mean meeting a deadline or working together to improve a product or service. No matter the goal, hiring a former student athlete will give you the advantage of having a team member who is not afraid to work.

Discipline is in Their Blood

Former student athletes are no stranger to discipline. During their sports careers, they were expected to show up to practice on time and be prepared for games. They were also expected to perform at their best, whether they were practicing or playing the state championship game.

Discipline is an invaluable trait that’s not always easy to find in job applicants. A former student athlete will show up on time, put in the hard work each day, and do what it takes succeed. Their reliability and consistency will keep operations running smoothly.

They’re Team Players

Former student athletes are natural team players. They have excellent communication skills, work well with others and learn how to play off the strengths of their team members.

Despite their differences, athletic team players must learn how to work together to achieve the same goal. This skill translates into the workplace, sometimes with former athletes stepping into leadership roles to bring work teams together, motivate them and boost morale.

Team players are the heart and soul of the workplace. They ensure that everyone is working together to meet deadlines and achieve goals. But they can also identify and find ways to leverage the team’s strengths and weaknesses.

They Never Stop Learning and Growing

Training is the foundation of team sports, and it doesn’t stop after a big victory. It’s ongoing. After all, there is always room for improvement.

Athletes understand the importance of learning and growing, a skill they will bring to the workplace. Whether it’s continued education, workshops, training or finding new ways to boost efficiency, a former student athlete will continually find ways to improve performance.

A strong drive for improvement will benefit any employer and provide the employee with opportunity to grow within the company.

From the locker room to the conference room, former athletes bring many valuable skills to the table. Specialized agencies like Athlete Career Placement help hiring managers find qualified former athletes to fill their job vacancies. These services help streamline the hiring process and allow employers to reap the benefits of hiring former student athletes.